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Why get a Van insurance quote

If you're self employed and drive a van then you will know that your van if your business and that you need it on the raod 24-7. So if your vehicle is stolen or written off in an accident you need a quick and efficient claims service from an insurer to get you back on the raod as soon as possible.

Van or commercial vehicle insurance is now available from a number of UK insurance borkers and companies and there are always good deals to be had by changing your insurance policy upon renewal.

Just like car and motor insurance there are a number of different policy options to choose from. The cost of your insurance premium will depend on engine size, the gross vehicle weight, the annual mileage and the type and value of goods you carry.

It is also important to check your policies small print as many commercial vehicle drivers assume they are fully covered for tools or equipment carried in their van and do not realise that a standard comprehensive van insurance policy provides no cover for any loss of vehicle contents.
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